My name is Chris James, I’m forty nine years old and I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in May 2013.

In the March before my diagnosis I had half of my thyroid removed because of a large swelling I had in my neck.  At this point I thought it was a goitre but when the results came back showing it was Papillary cancer it came as a bit of a shock. My surgeon was Mr Holland and I have a lot of respect for him in the way he was very clear and to the point, which made me understand exactly what  I could expect. Top bloke!

I had the other half of my thyroid removed in the August . In the September I went into Velindre Hospital  for radioiodine treatment. This was the most difficult time for me because I’m normally very active and to be in isolation, not being able to do anything physical, was very challenging. They have certainly tried to make the stay there more comfortable with a T.V, music system etc and also by working on the gardens outside so at least you have something to look out at. The staff in Velindre are very pleasant and certainly made the stay more bearable.

I stayed in Velindre for four days before being allowed home with restrictions in place.  Mainly having no contact with my daughter (because she is of child bearing age) keeping a distance from my wife and son at home, using my own cutlery etc for a few days after being allowed home.

At present I’m awaiting some scans and trying to get the correct dose of levothyroxine sorted to help with a few problems I’m currently having.

I’ve joined the thyroid support group and I know my wife has found the contact with this group really helpful at a difficult time. She tends to worry over it more than I do.  Dr Moss set up the support group ten years ago and she obviously has a passion for the work she does. My wife also says “she’s got your cards marked” because sometimes I do tend to play down any symptoms I may be having but Dr Moss sees through this!

I’m hoping that in time I’ll be given the all clear and can put all this behind me.