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Cy, thanks very much for writing such a kind note. i will let you know how it goes tomorrow and will look forward to meeting you soon.

Cy, thanks. I enjoyed my stay in the room – it was only 48 hours in the end. It was good that my mate for the week was a similar age, gender etc to me as we helped pass the time – also the fact that I was able to watch netflix on the tablet really helped. I was in room B and the wifi signal seemed better in there for me than for Kev in room a – this was a big thing for me to have wifi and could be improved by getting a router in the corridor. My DVD did not work on my TV and we should look to replace that TV/DVD combi unit. Other than that my stay was really well organised and comfortable.

Date of Posting: February 13, 2017

Posted By: Phil Bushby

Hi Helen
It was really good to chat to you yesterday, you are an amazing lady. I have to say to be honest your support has been invaluable to me and without yours and your group’s knowledge and understanding of how I have been feeling I would have been lost.

Date of Posting: February 13, 2017

Posted By: Suzanne Ferguson

Dear Sir / Madam
I was born in Cardiff and grew up in Sully, before life eventually led me to New Zealand, where I am an endocrinologist who cares for patients with thyroid cancer.
I saw you website and think its great!

We have also set up a thyroid cancer website, including some resources that we hope provide useful information, patient stories, Q&A and the facility to ‘ask a specialist’, plus additional resources such as a thyroid cancer book.

These are all intended to offer comfort and support for those with thyroid cancer; particularly those with a new diagnosis and with lots of health-related anxiety.

I am wondering whether you might consider having a look at our site, and if you think it might be of help to some of your website visitors / members / community, please feel free to recommend us or perhaps consider including us as one of the resources in your Useful Links page.

Our site is

With many thanks for considering us.

Kind regards

Dr Tom Cawood
Consultant physician and endocrinologist
M.B.Ch.B,(Hons), B.Sc.(Hons), M.R.C.P.(UK), F.R.A.C.P.(NZ), Ph.D.

Date of Posting: July 27, 2015

Posted By: tom cawood

I always attend the fabulous ‘Seashore Summer Party Night’ with a group of my friends.
We all think that it is a super way of supporting this fantastic charity and having a simply fantastic night out!
Looking forward to the 2015 “Seashore Party’ on Friday 17th of July – we will be there!

Date of Posting: March 11, 2015

Posted By: Rhian

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