Georgina Miller


I have been involved with the Thyroid Cancer Support Group Wales for over ten years. At our first meeting we were deciding which person would like to take on one of the roles to enable the group to run and it became obvious that as I had been involved with Banking for over 30 years that I would be the Treasurer.

Each year the role is offered to the members in our group, but I have continued in this role with the support from the other members and trustees since the start of the Charity. My duties involve looking after the Bank Account’s day to day running, I am a signatory along with three others in the group and our mandate states two people to sign every cheque when paying bills and expenses.

One of my other duties is to collate details of donations which enable us to claim to claim Gift Aid from H M Revenue as we are a Registered Charity, which can mean for every £1 donated we can increase this to £1.25p. Every end of year I produce accounts to be made available for the public to scrutinise as we are a charity and everything has to be above board