Thyroid Cancer Awareness week began in 2000 (initiated by ThyCa).  In 2003, it expanded to the whole month of September.  Early detection, along with expert care and increased research will hopefully lead to cures for all types of thyroid cancers.

Thyroid cancer is on  the increase. It  can affect people of all ages, from young children to seniors.  75% of patients are women.  Thyroid cancer is very challenging and stressful both for patients and for their loved ones.  As with most cancers early detection is very important.

If you find a lump in your neck get it checked!

We try in our awareness raising activities to educate so that people have a greater understanding of this condition.  We encourage people to support and participate in our activities - together we can make such a difference!

We try and ensure that we communicate - with patients, with health professionals and with other patient support groups.  We sincerely hope that through our efforts a greater awareness will eventually result in a thyroid cancer free future!

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